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Snowbird Ventures

We empower businesses by streamlining their supply chain processes and optimizing their operations

What we do

We’re here to make your life easier. We streamline business processes and elevate performance through top-tier supply chain consulting services. From optimizing your supply chain to selecting and implementing the perfect software solutions, Snowbird Ventures is your partner for sustainable growth and profitability


Supply chain Strategy

Analyze your supply chain and identify areas for improvement

Provide tailored solutions to enhance efficiency and reduce costs

Focuses on aligning your supply chain strategy with your business goals

Program and Project Management

Strategic Execution: We offer end-to-end project management services, aligning project goals with your business objectives and optimizing resource allocation to ensure efficiency.

Risk and Change Management: Our skilled professionals proactively manage potential risks, navigate changes, and maintain clear stakeholder communication for the smooth and timely execution of your projects.

Quality Assurance and Review: Rigorous quality control measures are applied at every stage, followed by comprehensive post-implementation reviews, to ensure the project outcomes meet the highest standards and contribute to continuous improvement. 


Software Selection

Comprehensive support from requirements definition, RFP development, contract negotiation, to selection and implementation

Expert Evaluation: We conduct thorough evaluations of software options, considering your unique business requirements, budget constraints, and long-term scalability needs.

Vendor Negotiation and Selection: We handle vendor interactions, leveraging our industry knowledge to negotiate the best terms and select the most suitable software solutions for your business.

Implementation Services

Seamless Integration: We ensure new software integrates smoothly with your existing systems, minimizing disruption to operations.

Training and Support: Our team provides comprehensive training for your staff to ensure efficient utilization of the new tools, along with ongoing support for any arising issues.

Performance Monitoring: We monitor the software’s performance post-implementation, making necessary adjustments for optimal efficiency and productivity.

Why we are different

It’s Simple! Our experience and perspective. We’ve spent years working hands-on with implementation projects, seeing how different industries operate, and learning the ins and outs of software from the vendor side. We’ve been in the trenches, and we get what it’s like. So when you work with us, you’re teaming up with people who genuinely understand your needs and who are ready to apply our insights to help you succeed. It’s not just about business for us, it’s about building lasting partnerships based on trust and shared growth.

What our customers are saying..

Mazen never comes at me with a problem, he comes with solutions that are well thought out and value focused. Every interaction I have had with Mazen has been positive, that doesn’t mean that our engagement hasn’t had challenges, as with any system implementation it has, however, Mazen’s focus is always customer-centric and solution focused. I have personally, very much enjoyed working with Mazen. He is genuine and funny and I know that he understands and respects my mandate

Erin McEwan

A/Executive Director, Corporate Services, BC Liquor Distribution Branch

Snowbird Ventures led us through the implementation of our new DMS, WMS and TMS on a very tight schedule. As our current version was many years old, the project was very demanding and required extensive project communication and buy-in across the board, which Mazin was extremely helpful in managing. From project kick-off to daily hands-on support, all the way through to the project closure, they were managing every aspect of the project. Another critical factor was vendor relationship management, which Snowbird Ventures handled effectively. Mazin always did what’s best for the project and kept our best interests in mind. We are very pleased with the service received from Snowbird Ventures and are looking forward to working together on future projects

George Photakis

SVP and Chief Information Officer, Oneida Hospitality

Quick to grab the points of the concerns of clients. Quick to take initiative action to resolve issues. In dept knowledge on both logistics issue & Tecsys system. Quick to follow clients’ direction and skillfully taking the lead to effective discussion

Lily Yang

Manager, Canon

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