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Snowbird Ventures

We focus on acquiring and growing high quality companies

Why we stand out


We understand how important your business, employees, customers, and community are to you.  We offer you the opportunity to transition out of your business with confidence, knowing your legacy will be well cared for.  We plan to move to your city, become a part of your community, and take care of your employees and customers.  

Long-Term Vision

We are not acquiring to cut costs, flip, or pursue a short-term exit. The goal is to hold the business for decades, fostering stability, growth, and a lasting legacy. This business will be our sole and only focus


We are not a private equity firm - we can structure a transaction and transition plan in a way that benefits all parties.  Due to our diverse investor base and long-term investment horizon, we can easily structure terms to align with your personal and financial goals, and we have the ability to move quickly. 

Our mission

  • Acquisition and Nurturing: Snowbird Ventures is dedicated to acquiring and nurturing small businesses for long-term success.
  • Community and Innovation: The company believes small businesses are crucial for enriching communities and driving innovation.
  • Partnership Approach: Rather than just acquiring, Snowbird Ventures aims to partner with businesses to promote growth, sustainability, and long-term success.
  • Identity and Aspiration: Our Canadian identity is at the heart of our approach. The "Snowbird" name symbolizes adaptability and the aspiration to reach the greatest heights of success.
  • Beyond Acquisition: The focus is on creating a lasting legacy that respects the vision of the original entrepreneurs.
  • Seamless Transition: Snowbird Ventures strives for a smooth transition to ensure financial stability for sellers and a prosperous future for the business.
  • Preservation of Legacy: The company is committed to maintaining the unique identity and legacy of each business, helping them achieve their highest potential.